Tuesday, August 11, 2009

If I Were a Bar of Soap...Mini Me!

I couldn't help myself! See, it's like this, I am a member of a wonderful group of bath and body artisans called SAFE Team and every couple of months we are presented with a challenge. I hope you've seen my other soap challenge entries in the past. This challenge was really tough...If I were a bar of soap. Since I couldn't lie and do something "sugar and spice and everything nice", then I had to figure out what I loved the most, aside from my family of course. Well, here's the write up in my Etsy shop and a link to the SAFE Team blog.

SAFE Team has done it again! We have these very challenging challenges every few months and this challenge was no exception. Our task at hand...if I were a bar of soap! Hmmm!

Aha, this idea came to me from my love for chocolate, my love for all things fluffy and light and my love and NEED for coffee.

I chose a soap making process I had not done before, whipped soap. For this recipe I used Deer Tallow, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil and Castor Oil. The darker layer is scented with a rich Chocolate and Amber Fragrance Oil and colored with dark cocoa powder. The creamy colored layer is only scented with a Colombian Coffee Fragrance Oil and the white layer is not scented or colored.

And because this soap is whipped, it floats!

This challenge was so much fun and you will thoroughly enjoy ALL of the entries by the SAFE Team members

Below is the link to the SAFE Team Blog. Please scroll down to the very last soap entry and click on "comments". Please leave your comment for the soap entry of your choice.



Kendra said...

yum yum!

Kendra said...

I love it;) thanks so much!!