Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A new shop in Zibbet

Zibbet is a wonderful new selling venue that I discovered through my Etsy friends.  Even though there were a few snafu's due to growing pains for Zibbet, they are now up and running on brand new servers.  I highly recommend it if you are considering listing your handmade products in an on-like marketplace.  Their format is easy to use and they even have the ability to set up gift certificates.  Right now, Zibbet's $8.00/month premium accounts are selling out.  They sold over 250 accounts in just four days and only 214 left at that price. 

Here is the link for Zibbet:  http://www.zibbet.com/theskinyourein/sell

Right now, if you sign up for Zibbet under my referral link above, the more people who sign up using this url, my selling account will be free for life.   You can do the same!!  But you have to hurry.

1 comment:

Jazmyn said...

Great. I'll definitely create a selling account for Zibbet ASAP.